Altered Camp 19

The Introduction to a Three-Part Story

Kole B., Texas

It was May 2020; the world had been in crisis ever since this year had begun. This time there was something different, though; the days seemed duller and more grey. The air was smokey and the world was covered in a fog of despair and hatred. Chivalry changed to disgrace, as gratefulness became frustration. The news stories and articles written were nothing compared to what was truly happening in the background of our everyday lives. Little did we know that soon everything would change. 

Four months had come to pass since it all started; the world had changed drastically. My family had been split up. My mom and siblings followed along with me being lone wolves of sorts. My grandma, aunt, and uncles all went to the camps. Just thinking about those camps still sends chills through my spine. They were meant to help, to control the outbreak, but instead were used as if we were slaves. If you were found hiding from the camps or the soldiers as they searched, they beat you then took you to a camp and promised to keep everyone safe. 

Lies. The camp’s original purpose was to help maintain the outbreak; however; it quickly changed to where everybody became sheep in a flock. We lost our rights, the Constitution fell, and all freedom was taken away by those who held power. The old and young were considered weak and non-useful. They were led away being told they were to get taken to a so-called “safe haven” for those unable to care for themselves. One-by-one, person-by-person; death followed. Guards could do whatever they wanted: kill, rape, steal; they had no rules or regulations but one: when generals or higher ups are near, the soldiers are to stay silent.

Higher ups checked in once every month to make sure all was going well. If one of us were to speak up, the person would mysteriously die. They went in and they implanted a chip that would ignite into a small combustion if we stepped out of line when higher ups were there. We had been branded like cattle, with explosive microchips implanted in our nasal cavities. We were to do what we were told, whenever they told us. 

The guards even tampered with all of the Corona tests. The government kept getting told that the infected numbers were rising. They were lying, of course; the deaths were from them, not COVID-19.  What was really happening was that the camps were ruled by the guards and their bosses. They could do whatever they wanted, and were legally allowed to slaughter and raid homes and cities. They showed no heart, no mercy, just hatred and anger. No matter how much begging or pleading people did, nothing would change; death came to all.

People would try to escape or start riots, but it never turned out good. Anyone who took place in trying to break out would be beat to a bloody pulp. They lost their identity and came out looking like a pile of scar tissue, blood, and regret. Those that died from the beatings were marked off as COVID deaths. They wanted to keep the killings hidden so they could maintain their power for as long as they’d like. 

When would help come? When would someone realize what was happening?Kole B.