The Miracle of Emotion


The sun setting just above the western mountains, he drives towards his house on a slim 55 mph highway.  The drive is just about 5 minutes from light to light, inside the cab of his red ‘02 Ford F-150, the boy, wearing his favorite hoodie, has tears streaming from his face, his eyes red, a slight gaze to the empty road in front of him. He sits silent as a clicking buzzing sound echoes on his newly installed stereo system. A photo of him and his newly former girlfriend rests nuzzled in a crevice in his dashboard.


“Goddamnit!” he says, tears now streaming down his face, the stinging stench of alcohol residing in his breath, the speedometer in his truck reads “84 mph”. His eyes now sealed tight, his mouth a squinched gape. His truck now drifting off into the bike lane, his eyes still glued shut, the right side of the car begins to vibrate as it passes over the rumble strips. He thinks of his mom and all she has given. The left side of the truck now begins to loudly vibrate, he dare not open his eyes. He thinks of his father, and how much he has sacrificed. The truck now miraculously drifted back onto the road. Like a guardian angel guiding it back to safety. The letters “Saint Christopher protect us” begin to glisten like stars as the rays of sunlight bounce off the shiny metal pendant attached to the shiny golden necklace hanging from his rearview. When he was a child the same pendant hung from the rearview in his fathers then brand new ‘98 Chevy S10. He got his hands on it when they recovered it from his fathers truck when he wrapped it around a tree late one night when the boy was just a child.