My Dream Oncology Job


Since we are all small and learn about what jobs people do, we all talk about what we want to be when we’re older, our dream jobs, “I want to be a doctor” “I want to be a teacher” “I want to be a firefighter” well 

I loved the idea of being a teacher in 1st grade 

then I wanted to be a lawyer in 2nd grade 

then I wanted to be a police officer in 3rd grade 

then I wanted to be a nurse in 5th grade

then I wanted to be a psychologist in 6th grade

then I wanted to be a pediatrician in 7th grade

then I wanted to be an oncology doctor in 10th grade

then I want to be a pediatric oncology nurse in the future.


My goal in medicine is to make a difference. I just love seeing the babies’ faces light up when they see something they love, the bright pure huge baby eyes they have is just something that makes me happy, those giggles of joy, those innocent hearts they have the most innocent intentions. What I want to accomplish is seeing that when I enter their room. I don’t want a baby crying or being scared of me when I try to do a test on them or the things nurses do, on the contrary, I want them to feel comfortable and calm and honestly love going to the doctor. 


I had a little cousin she was a little angel and looked beautiful and chubby wrapped in these beautiful pink blankets that matched her onesie, she smelled like fresh soap and a weird combination of milk, she had beautiful long black hair, light-skinned with pinkish cheeks, huge black eyes, even though most of the time she was asleep and I don’t remember her eyes as much, I knew I just loved them, but I loved seeing her asleep next to my sister because they were just one year apart. Unfortunately, she was born with a little defect in her brain that made it hard for her to keep growing so sooner or later she would go to heaven and be a beautiful angel taking care of us from heaven. I was small and still didn’t understand but I knew something was wrong when I saw she needed some tubes going through her nose so she could breathe. She was like Cinderella’s crystal heel, small and delicate or like the rose of the beast, being under a crystal bell jar and seeing the rose loose petals and wilt as the years passed by. She was a strong baby for so long but one day we had to say “bye” and leave her alone in a big field with other angels taking care of their family. 


Since then my love for babies grew, and my passion for finding the cure for cancer grew, maybe not as much of actually finding the cure but working with tiny warriors living their day-to-day life having a type of cancer and helping them go through it in a lively and calmer passage. I know I can’t do much about it even though I would love to. But what I can do is make them happy, give them hope, make them laugh, make them feel comfortable, and make them forget for a while what they’re fighting through.