“Salvator’s Forest Adventure”


Salvator and Trey woke up the following day and started to explore and headed East, at least that’s what they thought might be East. After walking for what seemed like hours they saw a village and decided to check it out, Trey said “ what do you think these people/creatures are going to think about a species they may have not encountered yet?” “Don’t worry about it”, said Salvator “if something goes wrong we can just run away. You see those large trees in the distance we can just head over there.” 

As they walked into the village they were surprised to see that these humanoid-like creatures were speaking English, as they walked through the village a couple of the creatures came over to them and said to go with them which seem a little odd though they decided to follow along just to see how things would play out. When they got to a tall and slightly cracked brick building where the creatures had brought them, they walked in and noticed many pictures of humans on the wall. “So I guess you were wrong about them not encountering humans before”, said Salvator. 

The creatures escorted them to a large room with dim lighting and massive paintings, where they were greeted by a king version of the creatures, they both asked the King at the same time, “so when did you first encounter human beings anyway?”

“Well we first encountered them about 500 years ago when you humans first discovered space travel”, said the King. 

“What year is it anyways here on this planet,” asked Salvator,

“well you see the year is 8651 C.E here but on your guyses planet it’s 7000 B.C.E.” replied the king,

 “ damn so we also traveled back in time as well that’s crazy”, said Trey. 

“Well do you have any parts that could help us build a machine that could get us back to our world?” asked Salvator,

 “We do, though the rest of the parts you would need are scattered between the other quadrants of this dimension which are the Ice, Dark, and Dog, I do believe that you guys can find them because you seem like the smart type of people, unlike the ones that came before you about 40 years ago.” replied the King.

After the conversation with the king, Salvator got the part he needed, now he will need three more pieces for his machine. As they set off in the direction in which the king had sent them, after about 2 and a half hours they finally got to the ice biome. Once they got there they noticed that it was very cold, also it seemed to be that there were no gradual changes between the different terrains. As they walk into the ice forest they put on their coats and headed out to look for the next part they were in search of, but there was one problem, as soon as they entered the ice biome they didn’t know this but some sort of predator was stalking them. The king did warn them about dangerous creatures being in the ice and dark biomes so they were aware that they needed to be careful. 

As they got deeper into the forest they decided to look for an open area so that they could be prepared if something tries to attack them, when they found a spot they realized that they couldn’t create fire because everything was either covered in ice or snow. Trey said, “you should use the lantern you brought just because we may need it for those creatures out there.” Salvator agreed and pulled it out, he turned it on it had a light glow just large enough to cover the whole opening. They went to sleep in the Sleeping bags that Trey had brought just in case. Once they had set up their tents Salvator went to bed first so that he could wake up early and when he crawled into his sleeping bag he noticed that it was very cozy and warm. As he tried falling asleep he couldn’t stop thinking about where Trey had gotten the sleeping bags.