Alien v.s Boy

Adventure to Worlds Edge

   As the boys headed into Reality falls this was going to be one of their first tests of their survival knowledge. When they walked through a sketchy cave Tyrone and Houston were now in Reality Falls. At this point the scenery just kept on getting better and better. Reality Falls had big blossomed purple trees and beautiful ponds and rivers. But what comes along with different biomes and parts of the globe comes animals, some harmless and some that are very harmful. This wasn’t good for Tyrone and Houston as they didn’t know what they were gonna see.

This was until they got to the second day of their journey in Reality Falls. Tyrone and Houston had come across a very weird looking scary creature. It was a three headed dog looking thing. “Tyrone said we should run”. Houston said this was not a good idea” because if they were to run the three headed dog would catch them because the three headed dog was faster than both Houston and Tyrone. Even though the boys thought it might be a bad idea they ran straight up a tree and stayed there until this beast left. The boys would have to wait for the whole night for this creature to give up and go hunt something else down.

After this scary experience that set them back they had to get through the rest of Reality Falls in order to continue their journey. Although this experience set the boys back they learned about how they reacted to this experience and it made Tyrone and Houston more ready than before. The confident boys headed further and further up Reality Falls until they saw a very bright colored thing covering the ground. Houston knew exactly what this was, “it was snow! Said Houston”.



           The boys have just discovered snow. This was something that Tyrone had never seen so he was very skeptical at first. This was until Houston told him all about it. Houston said it was a cold soft substance that melts into water when heat gets to it. Tyrone and Houston were already very cold so they had to make something to keep them warm. Tyrone and Houston had the Idea to make some sort of fire. Tyrone being from another planet did not have the survival skills that Houston did so this was also something he’s never done before.

The first thing they had to do was get wood that was flammable. They couldn’t find any trees that weren’t frozen so they had to restart their thinking. They started to think and think but the only thing that could come up with would set them back and keep their journey longer and harder. Their plan was to go back to Reality Falls to find sticks that would last them their journey through their journey. They went back to Reality Falls with beautiful purple blossomed trees and very clear beautiful ponds. It was so beautiful the boys wanted to stay there for the rest of their journey. But that clearly wasn’t going to happen. But the boys continued their hunt for long-lasting flammable wood.  

When they found it the boys went ecstatic that they could continue from this setback. Though the job was yet still not completed. They had to start the fire. Lucky for Tyrone and Houston, Houston was very survival smart. Starting a fire was something very easy and basic for him. But of course his tactic of rubbing together sticks and blowing on it did not work. That was at first it took them 10 minutes just to start the fire. When they started it was a light of relief and all the stress just left their body. 

But now it was time to go back to the freezing cold weather to continue their journey. This was going to be very hard for Tyrone especially, this was because the planet he was from didn’t have the cold weather he’s experiencing. These boys were so cold it felt like it was below 0 and they didn’t even have the energy to keep going. It was such a hard part of the journey but they got through it. This was one of the hardest things they have done yet because they had to adapt to the weather.