The Founders Cavern

The City Under the Summit

                 He walked into the cavern as I followed. There was a broken-down brick wall at the back of the cave. He held out his hand and slowly moved the bricks in a pattern. All I could do was silently watch as my body stiffened with anger and fear. Did I just follow a strange old man into a mountain that I have never seen before and let him lead me up a random cliffside that I will soon perish on? Apparently so, I thought to myself. 

                 As Nico continued to fidget with the stones, suddenly, the ground started to shake and I backed up. This is it, I thought as a hole opened up in the ground. Smoke arose and lights appeared at the bottom of the hole. The mist separated allowing me to see what was down in this cavity.

                ¨Now, welcome to the rebellion!¨ Nico said.

                 I looked from him back to the cavity in the ground. Finally, I saw what the rebellion really looked like. A whole city underneath our feet. There were markets, stores, and houses. There were clock towers, the domes of churches, and large buildings that could be seen from any point in the city. Amazement filled my mind as we walked through the metropolis underneath the mountain. I could hear the clanking of pipes and the click of people’s shoes hitting the brick floor. The air seemed to have a greenish tint and all the walls were black making it seem as if one was surrounded by a city in the stars all simply hidden beneath the dirt.