Bruno’s Troublesome Tomb

Right around noon Maribel sneaks her way to Bruno’s room and enters quickly making sure no one sees. Once she enters she is welcomed by a steep hill of sand with stone ruins and shattered glass. As she looks up she sees a big tomb, and a staircase up to it, his room is so high up her mouth drops at how surprised and scary it is. 

She braces herself and begins walking up the treacherous stairs. The more she Maribel up the stairs, the more she is unable to walk from the wobbliness and the fear in her legs. At some point having to take life-threating leaps to get to the other side. At the final steps and enters the tomb.

Maribel enters and she coughs from all the dust and sand rushing through her nose. In the middle of the tomb, there is a stone table, she comes closer and notices an engraved outline within the stone table. Almost resembling pieces of a puzzle… Maribel hears a rumble but shrugs it off being so amused by the findings in the room. Before she could realize it, sand started rushing her way. She looked around and there were a few bright green pieces of glass coming out of the sand. Before she left running she gathered all the bright glowing shards she could find and stuffed them in her bag.

Barely making it to the exit, The sand nearly suffocated Maribel. She caught her breath and gathered herself after. She had to leave the only way she came up, Through the stairs. Maribel looked down and noticed how high up she was. She gulped. 

Right before she made it to the bottom she laid in relief. Although exhausted she knew she couldn’t take long, her sister, Dolores, might hear her. 

Maribel did not waste time and ran to her room.