An adventure Hour

Hunter woke up, expecting the putrid smell, the gray sky, the hopelessness in the air he was used to, but something was different: it was a vibrant blue, fresh smell of nature. He was surrounded by green grass and creatures he had never seen before. Everything looked different, more cartoony, he thought. Unable to believe his eyes he got up not sure if he was dreaming or not. He ran to a nearby river over a hill. He jumped into the river trying to wake up, get back to reality but he didn’t. He swam to the river bank looking for anyone. To the west he saw a giant pink forest with a vibrant pink kingdom surrounded by a Maroon wall 50 feet up. To the east there was a tree house behind it was a frozen tundra, with a border between them so sharp it had to be magical. He started to run there hoping to find help, to get answers. 


He finally arrived at the tree, he knocked on the door and after what felt like forever a boy who couldn’t be older than 12 or 13 opened it. He had a white hat with ears attached, a blue shirt and shorts and a green backpack with a sword in his left hand but he was human too. He seemed shocked, asking if Hunter was a human as well. He heard another voice behind the boy, and looked to see a giant room full of golden treasure and gems, inside was a yellow dog, yet he could talk. As the dog approached he stretched, his legs growing into a skateboard and his head becoming a helmet. Alongside the dog was a green video game console who was walking and talking as well. They greeted Hunter, noticing the shock on his face. His vision faded to black as he passed out. 


He woke up in a bed inside the tree. The boy, and dog beside him, Hunter got up looking all around. They introduced themselves as Finn the human and Jake the dog. “How did you get here?” Finn asked. “I don’t know, I just woke up here,” Hunter replied. After a long conversation about Hunter’s home and what this new world is like, they got ready to travel to the ‘Candy Kingdom’ to find princess bubblegum hoping she had any insight or knowledge about how Hunter got here. The trip was short due to Jake stretching, growing giant legs and taking huge steps. 

When they arrived Hunter finally understood why they called it the candy kingdom, the air smelt of sugar and happiness. Could air even smell like happiness, he thought. As they crossed the giant maroon wall he realized it was made from candy, as well as the buildings and houses around him. It wasn’t just the buildings though , so were the trees, rocks and ground under the kingdom as well as the people who lived there were walking and talking candy. There were Giant gum-ball dispensers, cinnamon rolls, peppermints and even cupcakes with faces, arms and legs. 


Jake took them into the main building which the kingdom was built around. Finn introduced him to a girl with vibrant pink hair and light pink skin.  She brought him to her lab, where she inspected him. She questioned him about the world he came from and Hunter wondered about how there were living pieces of candy. How was this possible? He kept thinking to himself. “Do you have any idea how he got here?” Finn asked, Princess Bubblegum took Finn and Jake aside “it could be due to the Lich, opening up the multiverse” she said. “ The best thing you could do at the moment is introduce him to the world and keep him safe” Princess Bubblegum told them. 


As they venture back to their tree house, Hunter confesses that wants to learn about this new world and help people and go on adventures with them.  Excited to not be the only human in the Land of OOO, Finn agrees. When they arrive Finn helps Hunter with settling in, as Jake makes them lunch. Afterwards they explore the area surrounding the tree, looking for Hunter’s first adventure with them.