Hazel’s Big Adventure

Fubby and Hazel at the coffee shop

It was snowing, though it was crystal clear outside. Hazel, a student who worked at the coffee shop called Happy Goat, gazed out of the window, hoping a customer would come into the dark, little shop. 

“Ding ding.”

A very familiar noise, the coffee shop bell. A customer came in. It was Fubby, a regular. He wore a brown sweater with red stripes on it. It made his brown-colored eyes pop even more. With a good and confident posture, he awoke the empty coffee shop and slowly made his way to the counter. Hazel got Fubby’s rare order, a cappuccino with brown sugar and whipped cream on top, ready. Fubby’s eyes started to lid up slowly and his smile began to glide up on his cheeks. 

“I know this rare cave art in the Viennese forest. I know how to get there. You should come with me,” he said. 

“I have mixed feelings about this. I have to work and complete my studies. I can’t come with you,” Hazel responded with hesitation.

“We will have the best time of our lives. This will be OUR adventure. We BOTH can’t miss out on this big opportunity. We have to go this week!” said Fubby.

”I don’t have work this weekend and no tests or assignments…but getting there takes a long time,” Hazel said. 

“You can also use this knowledge for your studies. Experiencing things myself helped me with my studies… Please go with me to the cave. We can do this together.”

”If you say so, I’ll consider it then!” 

”I knew you’d say yes!”

”Well actually I didn’t…. Never mind.”

Then she started to make the coffee for Fubby. While she was pouring the sand brown sugar into the liquid, her eyes were staring at the coffee, still unbelieving by what just happened. She handed Fubby the coffee, which was nearly spilling over because of the amount of sugar she had put in.

Fubby sits down at a table near the window. Hazel joined him. After a moment of silence. Fubby gently lifted his pitch-black backpack with neon dots up to grab a piece of paper and a perfectly sharpened pencil. 

He irons his wrinkled paper with his rough hands. Fubby takes the pencil into his hand and starts sketching Vienna and the woods. After exactly an hour he finished his rough draft. Hazel, who was still focused on Fubby’s paper, was nearly asleep by the time he finished. 

Hazel and Fubby camping

After a couple of hours of pure walking: It was getting dark and the sun slowly started to disappear behind the snowy mountains. Hazel had never camped before. However, Fubby had camped before but that was 20 years ago. Hazel and Fubby started settling down. They unpacked the camping gear. 

“Do you know how to build a tent?” asked Hazel. 

“No, I haven’t been camping for 20 years. Do you think I would remember how to do that? There should be instructions in my bag.”

Hazel started searching for the piece of paper, however, wasn’t able to find it:

“I can’t find it! What should we do now?” 

“I forgot it at home,” Fubby gasped and remembered. 

“What are we supposed to do now?”

“I don’t know!”

“Hazel, let’s start building. We are running out of time.”

After one hour the tent was finally ready.

“Let’s make fire, or we are going to freeze up,” said Hazel 

Hazel and Fubby started to collect wood. After one hour they had a whole stock of dark brown wood. Gently Hazel stocked some of the wood on one pile the other half she didn’t use. She started to rub the piece of metal, which she had packed, and the wood against each other. Only after a few, she had a big flame. They started to wrap their cold bodies into blankets and sat next to the fire.