Street Wise Adventures

In Boulder, Colorado there is an annual festival that is held dedicated to art. This festival was created in 2019 by StreetWise Arts. The intent of this festival is to represent diversity, culture, equity, and inclusion through art. It is a great event to get the community involved and learn about painters throughout Boulder. 

OG Millie started working on her streetwise art in early September 2021. In her Instagram Profile, she has an in-progress picture of her art posted on September, 7th. The mural is located at 3044 Valmont Road and it was created with spray paints. The mural has many objects that are crowded making the painting more detailed. The detail used in the painting expresses what Millie was trying to convey. 

 In this space mural, OG Millie was inspired by Scott Carpenter, a Boulder Colorado native who was an astronaut and was selected for NASA’s Project Mercury running from 1958 through 1963. She uses shape and color to capture her galactic vision. In the background, the audience can see the galaxy, the earth, and then a man who represents the astronaut Scott Carpenter. 

Some elements of art and principle of design Millie used in this mural was unity, scale, and proportion which helps the viewer see how the objects relate to each other. The meteoroids, stars, and the planets all work together to create the galaxy, as well as the color and the value which makes it all more realistic. Using value gave the painting a three-dimensional illusion of form to the meteoroids. In addition, it added more detail to the self-portrait of Scott Carpenter. When seeing this mural all of my focus went to the portrait of Scott Carpenter because of the elements of art that the painter used like light and value. Another thing I liked about this mural was how she used line, light, and value around the painting because it makes it look like that wall is cracked. 

Millie knew how to choose the correct colors on the background so it wouldn’t take away the attention of the viewer. Being wise on the color palette is crucial to show balance and illustrate how the elements work together. The detail in this painting is worth acknowledging as it depicts what the painter was trying to convey. All of the elements used such as unity, scale, proportion, light, and value were essential to bring alive this colorful and significant painting. 

Public art is valuable to a community because it contributes to the community’s identity. Public art also adds value to the diversity, culture, and economic vitality of the community. Everyone has access to public art, and it raises public awareness about issues that affect the residents. Furthermore, public art offers a learning and fun environment for everyone.