Wait 30 Minutes After You Eat To Go Swimming

The Day I Wish I’d Had

9:30 AM

My day starts with golden rays of light shining through my blinds and my curtains. Of course, none of the rays hit my eyes, but the residual light is enough to stir me from my restful slumber. I don’t eat anything for breakfast, I have plans, yet I can still spare the time to make myself a glass of chocolate milk and brush my teeth, and my hair is perfectly obedient today.


10:40 AM

I make my way to an IHOP, my friend’s cars are already there. I’m not late, only fashionably tardy. I walk in, find my friends, sit down, and begin our typical antics. We order, almost no one else is in the IHOP, so we get our food quickly. The food is delicious, and there are no leftovers to deal with.


11 AM

We leave from IHOP and head over to Zilker Park. We don’t have any plans, but that doesn’t matter. We wander around the park for a while, until we decide on a plan of action. We decide to head on over to Lady Bird Lake and do some paddleboarding. We don’t have a limit on how long we can be on the lake, so we just keep going and going. We go upriver because when we get tired from all that paddling, we can sit down or swim with the flow of the river. The water is chilly, but the sun beating down on us balances out with the crisp water.


2 PM

After floating on the lake for a matter of hours, We decide to get some lunch. We head on over to South Congress to grab some pizza from Home Slice. While on Congress, we decide to do some other shopping. We walk almost all the way up and down the road, window shopping in all the various stores. I get a cool cowboy hat from the shop with the big boot on it.


5 PM

After spending our time there, we go get dinner at some Italian place. I get some ‘getthi and meatballs. After that we all depart and go home. As I get home, I get on my computer and discord, and start playing one of my favorite games with Josh, his brother Mark, and some other friends I’ve made online.