Four Poems


KB, Texas

Inspire Me

You slip through me every time I try to hold your hand

But that won’t keep me from trying again and again


You’re brighter than the sun itself

I’ll fly to you even if I’ll melt


Call me Icarus, that will do

Cause baby I am a fool for you


Or maybe you can call me sappy

But all I wanna be is what makes you happy



I still get a little starstruck


When you smile like that I just can’t help this buzz

It’s like “U” and “I” were meant to me “US”



I still lay awake at night


Cause your laugh stays stuck in my mind

All the time



There’s not much left of you with me

Maybe just a blur within my memory


I can’t recall the last time we’ve spoke

When neither of us felt like we would choke


And when you said goodbye

I promised I would be fine


You told me you would stay safe

Here we stand scratched-up face to face


Just as we said, back in July

Nothing has changed between you, them, or I


Your heart speaks a language I don’t understand

Saying you’d simply rather hold my hand


It wouldn’t be fair to say you don’t care

But was it love that was really there?


The moon hasn’t risen since you’ve been away

And your voice gets foggier everyday


I hate to say it, because you’re what I live for

But I just keep forgetting more and more


Nothing will kill this love

Though, it might have as many craters as the moon above



Most nights I think a lot about loving you

I think about the shitty couple things we could do

Most nights are spent with you filling up my head

I begin to wonder if I should charge you rent


We are still only friends

True best friends until the very end

We are only partners in crime

Up until the very end of time


How can you be so honest, though I am a liar?

You always cool me down even when I’m on fire

How can you be so damn cute?

Especially when I don’t expect you to


We are still only friends

True best friends until the very end

We are only partners in crime

Up until the very end of time


If I finally pushed you to walk out that door,

Will you tell me that I am a chore?

If I finally pushed you back to the floor

Will you tell me “I love you” once more?


Will you tell me you love me once more?


Color and Electricity

I want it to go away. 


You’ve given me breath in my lungs

Warmth in my veins

Water in my eyes

Electricity in my mind


But the oxygen rusts my iron body

The blood runs thick and heavy

These tears are shorting out my circuits

And my CPU is about to go haywire


You and I are just dancers in the dark

Never to see each other clearly in the light

So why don’t we make a spark

And let it all burn so bright


Leave it all behind

I could cut the world in two

Even turn back time

I’d do it all for you


You would wait for me


Well, I would too