Underwater Adventures


Scuba diving is a very unique and interesting thing to do as a hobby. There are many jobs that can be done with scuba diving like underwater welding or photography. Marine biology and many other cool jobs that are unique. I am a certified scuba diver and I have had many cool adventures while going scuba diving. I have been to a coral reef which was amazing. Red, blue but sadly a lot of white. It is quite sad to see a lot of the coral to be dying but it was still an amazing experience. I have had an unplanned encounter with sharks so tbh they are not that scary to me. I have been in some lakes and deep rivers looking for treasure or just overall having a good time. I have not been on many adventures when scuba diving but it still is an amazing experience. The amount of things you need to learn and prepare is unbelievable. The information and safety regulations are almost as bad as learning to drive a car. There is a lot of math and safety involved. There are many steps that are more than just make sure all hardware works and you have everything. The deeper you go underwater the less time you can last until you are poisoned from the pressure levels. There is regulation on how fast you can ascend and descend also because of that pressure risk. 

Other than just regulations and pressure we learn about what to do when your tank fails or if you run out of air. It is highly recommended that you have a buddy on any dive that is deeper than around 30 feet. There are also a lot of rules and regulations depending on the license you have. For instance, the base license is for open waters and not caves or anything like that.