The Inhuman Xinjiang Camps

The Inhuman Xinjiang Camps

Right now in China the Uighur’s, Chinese muslims, are being held in “re-education camps.” Chinese officials claim it is for job skills, and that they have access to everything they could possibly ever need. But it soon came out that they were lying. The lies that came out were extremely shocking. The Chinese Communist Party has captured and detained between 1 million and 3 million Uighur muslims, keeping them in a conversion camp.


The Party is forcing them to undergo many things against their religion, such as eating pork and drinking alcohol, against their will.

The people in these camps have been treated inhumanely since 2017. They are being tortured, waterboarded and sexually assaulted as an indoctrination process into the communist agenda and the religion that the party shares. They represent the LARGEST group of a religious minority since world war II.

Officials are forcing them to work in carpetand textile factories. They do not get to choose if they work or where they work. Instead, they are made to work at factories so that they can be observed and controlled. Their lives are at the disposal of the Chinese government. China has refused to acknowledge these events and conditions. Questions related to the camps have been consistently ignored by the State Council Information Office.

Xinjiang planned on “recruiting” more than 100,000 to increase textile and clothing businesses. That was in 2018, and they went over that number extremely quickly. The Xinjiang Daily has stated that “Education and training will make them into ‘modern people,’ useful to society.” This is not the first time this has happened to a group of people. Being put through programs to make the group of people into the “norm”. It is very damaging to say that a community was not useful and not modern.

The Chinese government will continue to defend the camps as a job education training, or to teach them how to be modern, but that does not hide the truth behind it.