Where Did all the Time Go? A Tintern Abbey Themed Poem

Where Did all the Time Go 


Writing this under the gaze and the gleam of the Moon 

I remember the times 

When time was weightless 

When fear was forgotten

And escape was not needed

For our futures were silver lined and bright

The days of collective youth

Where books were our source of solace

And the pages flipped were our only way of illusion 

But alas, time cannot be reversed

And the pages of our books have been outgrown at last

So here I stand, watching the Moon’s glow

And I am reminded of the ever changing times

When books were beloved

Now replaced by artificial means

And the flipping of places has traded in for scrolling

Where has all the time gone?


Waiting and waiting to grow old

Growing out of longing for a future time

Yearning to live in a place where questions live resolved

A bright and colorful scene, eternal spring

When new life is brought about

With good sense toward fullness of time

Alas, now having reached that summit

Of hope, of dreams, the top of what everyone strives for 

Gazing up at the Moon from upon

A world fallen, in an endless yet depressing nothing

Nothing like expectations wanted

Nothing like all looked to 

In our youths full of hope 

This time reflects the clouded, mental pollution 

From crushed nostalgia

Where did all the time go?


As we wait to evade the weight of this world away

We must remember to escape 

Our clouded judgment

We must look to the Moon

And think of the dreams of our youth

How they look forward to the future, growing old

Looking towards the best portion of one’s life

Towards the gifts yet to come

Without mystery’s burdens

Or an unintelligible morrow awaiting your every step

Will we ever feel the comfort 

Of purely blessed affections

Or will the corporeal frame of our future

Lie in wait until we see the true weight of this world

Where will all our time go?


When our successors grow up and grow old

And gaze up at the Moon, glowing and serene

Will they wish to travel up and live 

Almost suspended, in harmony and deep joy

For the weight of this fallen world

Became too much, and tranquil restoration

Is too far a cause to look towards

Nameless acts of love and kindness remain

Unremembered by a society

Trapped by webs and spiders, 

Lured into a web of waiting

Instead of growing old as past posterity

Like the beloved tree, hope and branches, opportunities.

Where did all the time go?


The future years, transformed into the past

The picture of safety

Has never matched this drowned world

Following the very beginning, we always shy away

From searching and questioning ideals that brought

A lonely world to lifeless sense

For the fear of leaving false comforts

Was far worse than time

Could ever create illusion towards

Do we take away the life of humanities curiosity

Given curiosity killed the cat

And if we’re too curious about the sun

The light of day might not climb the horizon again 

To light our crepuscular journey

So we fly too close to the sun, 

And seek out a hand to hold

Among the flames of warning

Who cry out to trust in ourselves

Alas, we won’t make it to the next time

Where will all the time go?


The sun will rise on our fated souls

But is destined to set again and again

On our downfalls and an Earth left hopeless

As if even the universe is disappointed

In the methodology which we’ve chosen to use our time

This time we’ve graciously been given

The pleasures of our younger days

Now taken for granted by all 

For finality is the view we’ve been scorned to face

We can see is a lack of hope across all dim views

In hindsight, we knew everything 

When our time just began

Where will our time go?


Once our time is over 

And the sun sets beyond the horizon

For the final occasion

Once the moon rises

Let it guide us in a walk of finality

The death of one 

The unremembered birth of another

Can we be in the beyond

Without the weight from the life once lived

With the sun, our mother

And nature, our sister

Was this time everything it could have been;