The Market

The market was packed, and the dust from everyone walking created dirt flying everywhere in the air. The shops had everything; freshly baked goods that were so sweet you could get a cavity, fish that smelled so salty you could feel the ocean’s cold touch, clothes made of silk that looked so expensive it felt wrong to even look at, spices that filled the air with sweetness but with a bitter kick, and fruit that shined so bright making it look like it was fake.Omen stood still while trying to look at everyone all at once. He never saw something like this, his childhood was only him and his parents trying to shape him into the definition of perfection. He was always alone but this time he was surrounded by so many people he felt overwhelmed, all the talking was all he could hear, not one of his thoughts being heard. Being pulled away from the packed roads a voice asked him, “You’re here for your son aren’t you?” Omens’ head was rushing, the world was spinning in his eyes. The strong hand picked him up, and although it wasn’t an actual person Omen seemed to get on his feet. Thinking about all of the days and nights he’s spent just to get to this point, the feeling of emptiness started to fill back up as he got the last bit of strength his body could give him. Grabbing his son, he left with no trace behind. Leaving all the cruelty he had to endure, the burns from the lava, the hopelessness he felt at the signs, the pricked skin from the thorns. Everything was left in the past. His son on his back finally felt complete again on their way to a new home and a fresh start.