Chung leaves Miami

The skies were gray as they walked up the large mountain in the middle of Magma Island. They had been walking for nearly two days now and we’re almost to where the map said The Elixir would be, but the top of the mountain was slowly getting closer, they had no idea where they were supposed to go. Did they climb this huge mountain for nothing? They were all starting to get very tired and we’re just ready to find the Elixir and go home. It had been almost a month that they had been in this new world looking for the elixir, and this was supposed to be the final step. They all missed their families and friends and wanted to go back to their normal lives. They came to a sudden stop. 

“The map says it’s here,” said Buck in a confused voice. 

They took a break as Buck studied the map to see what they were missing and what they were doing wrong. As they were resting Chung went over to sit on a rock, he noticed a small indent in the rock and realized that there was a pattern carved into the side of the Rock, he remembered it from somewhere. He slowly ran his finger through the side of the rock. He heard a click and all of sudden the ground started to rumble. The ground started to crack and sink. They had no idea what was going on. Everyone stared at Chung as he looked down at the Rock. They slowly watched the light disappear from above them, and then it became dark.

They stood in silence, there was a faint muffled sound of birds chirping. They noticed a bit of light seeping through a crack on the wall. They approached the crack and started to lightly break it apart. Without warning the crack burst open, and what they saw made them speechless. 

The crack opened into a large valley surrounded by sky high mountains. The sky was blue with small white clouds like polka dots. In the middle of the valley there was a lake with blue water and sand of crystals. They had found the elixir. The valley was full of life, birds everywhere, beautiful fish in the lake, and grass like a carpet. It was paradise.

The team spent hours enjoying their time in the valley before signaling that they had found the elixir. The time was up, they were going home, but Chung was unsure. He had felt so much energy and excitement when he was in the new world. Did he want to go home? Did he want to worry about the everyday stress that he had to go through being a normal human? Chung was lost, he loved his life at home, but he loved living in a place that was peaceful.

The portal opened and Chung walked through the portal. He handed the men his gear and took a breath of earth air, and before they had time to stop him he jumped back through the portal.