My Perfect Day

I’m asleep in a cold room on a bed that’s way too big for me with just the right amount of blankets on top of me, two. The first blanket is this quilted blanket I sleep with everyday and this blue blanket I got from a garage sale and to top it off to be with my cat Stanley (or Stan or Stan the Man.)

I want the room to be as dark as it can be until I myself am ready to open the curtains.  For breakfast, preferably a hot, fresh plate of hash browns topped with gravy as well as my country fried steak with salt sprinkled on top. Sausage links with another side of gravy and a plate of stacked pancakes with butter on each pancake, not too much butter, added on the side sliced strawberries and bananas for my perfect circular shaped pancakes. And of course the bottle of syrup next to me at a table where my cold orange juice sits. Two pieces of toast, one with grape jelly and the other with honey and powdered sugar. 

After breakfast I take a nice hot shower with my most favorite songs blasting on my speaker. “One Day” by UGK, “Solid” by Z-Ro, “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube, “Down South” by Mista Madd, and “Diamonds & Wood” by UGK. All songs I tend to listen to on a daily basis. The steamy coconut smells lingering off my hair as I walk out of the shower, ,soft skin, and after my hair dries and curls up it stays perfectly curly with no frizz. Outside, a beautiful view of the sky, clouds in the right place that create a perfectly shaped heart in the sky.The green trees, the beautifully bloomed flowers in my yard, each flower with a butterfly on it’s petals. An arrangement of beautiful bright colors that match the butterflies wings: Blue,orange, gray, purple,black etc. I love seeing the butterflies’ vivid wings shimmer in the sun. Sitting out on the steps with a homemade cup of coffee that has powdered cream from the dollar tree, sugar from a jar, and a bag of whatever coffee I had, while having the sun touch my skin and listening to nature’s beautiful song where the birds are singing. 

Later in the day I go to an unpopulated place to relieve some stress, a nice view with no buildings, people, construction,  just nature, where the green grass acts as a soft blanket. Snacks in my backpack like extra cheddar goldfish, hot cheetos, fruit (like watermelon, strawberries, grapes), with a box of pepperoni, jalapeno and ham pizza. A blue powerade, a mango nectar and also a cold water bottle full of icy water as cold as the Antarctic Ocean.

I go into the store to get all of this.I love the experience and interaction with different people and looking out the window as we drive, even if it is the same route, something is always different.

After my meal I take a walk, the sun is still shining, not too bright, just enough. I put my headphones in and listen to whichever playlist I feel like listening to. I lay down a blanket and grab an extra to cover myself with. I put my head on the pillow and take a deep breath, I relax, close my eyes and fall quickly asleep. 

I wake up at the perfect time, around 7:30. For dinner I go to Olive Garden for some free bread sticks and salad. A water for the drink and an order of calamari for an appetizer. When they bring over my fresh calamari, I move all of the stuff out of the way. I bit into the crunchy fried squid with a squeeze of lemon. The first bite is always so good. After dinner I drive home and go to sleep in a big bed with a big fluffy light brown blanket and a big flat screen tv. Play Mortal Kombat and watch a movie that I chose thirty minutes to pick while falling asleep in a cold room with a fan blowing and a warm body to lay next to.