What’s on Korbie’s mind?

Whats on Korbies mind?

I had an idea a while back about pickle and banana shanks. The way it would work is like a single use weapon so for example the banana shank you would peel off the skin and under would be a blade and you would use it once then toss it away or something. The pickle shank operates very similarly, instead of peeling you bite off or break off a part of the pickle and hidden inside is the blade.

My cat recently lost a tooth which makes me wonder if cats and dogs lose their baby teeth like humans and how many teeth do they lose. Do cats and dogs have a tooth fairy ritual that they don’t tell us about, like they leave their tooth under the bed and in the morning there is a little treat or something. I wonder what this animal tooth fairy looks like; maybe it’s just a cat or dog in a dress and a crown with a little wand which would (obviously) make the most sense in this scenario.

I wonder why cake is an option for breakfast. A muffin is just a bald cupcake with fruit in it, Flapjacks are just thin pieces of cake stacked on top of each other with syrup and butter, waffles are just plaid pancakes with syrup and butter, and French toast is just cake sticks with powdered sugar and syrup. I don’t think enough people are taking this matter as seriously and/or thinking about it enough as it needs to be. You never know, the breakfast items could all join together and make one big mecha breakfast with a cinnamon roll head, a muffin body, pancake arms, waffle legs, an French toast fingers and toes.