Shyamalan’s Disaster

Shyamalans Disaster

“[A] breathtakingly clueless, misconceived, stupid, humorless, unexciting, dim, dumb farrago, the worst film I’ve seen in years.” – Rotten Tomatoes Anonymous 

“Why was I even in the theaters seeing this in the first place?” – Rotten Tomatoes Anonymous

“What was M. Night Shyamalan thinking when he decided to make this film? More or less was it really the studio’s fault for such disastrous casting of talent less actors.”  – Rotten Tomatoes Anonymous


Let’s talk about the most disappointing things to ever hit this planet, and that is avatar the last air bender, the movie. Yes there is a movie, and I am terribly sorry if you saw it. I have never been more disappointed in my life. That movie was just completely different from the tv show.

For one the mispronounce the main character’s name wrong, the main character. Who is aung, it aang. Who is suka, it’s sokka. Who is erouh, it’s iroh. These three characters are probably the most liked characters on the show. It should not be hard to say these names correctly when you have 3 seasons of the show to refer to. Now let’s talk about everything wrong with the characters. Let’s start with AANG. a part of aang character is he feels extremely guilty from running away from home, but in the show it seems like it doesn’t even faze him. Like he doesn’t even care that he ran away. When he was talking to katara about it, he literally had a smile on his face. Who does that, you left the closest thing you had to a family for 100 year all because you weren’t sure if you wanted to be the avatar. They even destroyed my boy sokka. In the show sokka was the funny character, the down to earth character, the one who got into some kind of trouble, the immature character., the most loveable character on the show, besides iroh of course, but in the movie they made him seem like a punk. They barely give his character any line that shows who the real sokka is. 

Now it is very clear that none of the characters in the show are white. Everyone in the water tribe clearly had darker skin tone, but in the movie they were as white as a dove. I think it’s pretty clear that the characters in the show are not white. Or do they need to put a label on their forehead identifying their race.