What School Should be Teaching

A popular topic among students recently is whether or not schools are offering classes that teach important life skills that will empower our independence beyond academia. I personally think that our school should teach us how to cook with home ec classes, just for one example. This could help those of use going off to college after graduation. But even for those moving into the workforce after high school should be able to cook at home. For me the biggest reason is the money you save, because going out to eat all the time isn’t cheap, and it definitely wouldn’t be healthy to eat fast food all the time or sit in a dorm room eating instant ramen all the time. 

The more money a person saves from being able to cook at home and not going out will most definitely be something that we need for the future. I asked some other friends of mine what they thought should be taught, and some of them agreed with my cooking class idea. They also said classes should be offered that addressed credit scores or other financial challenges. It would help us get a car or a house or maybe an apartment. I agree! I believe if we were taught about both of those things we would save more money. I know it may sound like I’m repeating myself, but it’s because I feel this is the most important thing: 

 Save money, Save money, Save money 

That tends to be what goes through people’s heads, and if it isn’t then I need to make sure it is now. As of now, especially in the time when prices are increasing across the board, this is vital. 

We should also be taught life lessons that help us outside of school, things that apply to our everyday lives. Math is good because it is in everyday life, though there are math classes we’re forced to take for credit that won’t be used later in life unless we want to teach.