Jesse and Augustus walked towards Mike’s car as the sun finally rose above the horizon. It had been such a long night for the both of them. The once busy nightlife of Gunter City had disappeared as the many residents of the capital were working.

The two walked up to Mike’s car. As Jesse opened the door of the car, the once shocking smell of pine air freshener was now more saddening than anything.

Jesse, now sitting at the wheel, drove out of the city. It was all over. He didn’t need to worry about waking up again that morning. He grew as a person. He knew it. He had friends, and he was happy with that. Jesse didn’t feel totally awful anymore. But all that was really on his mind was what Mike had said to him the previous night.

“It was all my fault. I know what you’ve been struggling with. I’m sorry.”

Did Mike really cause everything that had been going on with him? Did Mike really know what had been going on with him the whole time? Jesse would never really be able to figure that out.

The fields of corn stretched out endlessly as the sprawling city started to disappear out of view. Augustus sat in the back seat, asleep, drooling. The sun continued to move across the sky as the cornfields swayed in the breeze. While Jesse enjoyed the adventure, he really wanted to go back home. He wanted to feel the familiar comfort of Sugartown.

They continued the drive into his hometown, as the familiar farms of Sugartown began to reveal themselves. The now once again setting sun was on the horizon, turning the yellow fields of corn a neon orange. As the night took over the sky, Jesse and Augustus said their goodbyes and walked in their own respective ways. Jesse wanted to stay in contact with Augustus. Jesse walked into his home. He wanted to be here. He was glad to be home.

Jesse looked out of his window at the never-ending fields of corn, now dark. The stars above shined bright onto the cornfields, and the full moon glistened in the sky. Jesse was tired. He had had a long day and he just wanted to sleep. Jesse got into bed and fell asleep, the long day behind him, and the new direction to take his life.