Ballad of Frankenstien

It is but a man, working to

the land of mist and snow

I have not much and know so little

What will I find once I go?


In the distance a figure

The land above the foam

Here is my destination

Someone soon to know


As the captain commands the ship

We intertwine with ice

This land is bleak and frozen

I turn my head not thinking twice


As I examine the land ahead of me

The wind and snow they block my eyes

But I see someone upon this land

A ways into the ice


But something seems amiss

He isn’t standing quite right

I squint my eyes and turn my head

I show the crew the man in sight


We make our way to help this man

A friend we now have found

I ask the name of our companion

‘Victor Frankenstein’,

He says with little sound


We take the time and energy

And take the man to ship

We bundle him up in blankets a many

He has some water, sip by sip


This man obtains my interest

I sit slowly by his side

I wait patiently for his turnover

A glisten in my eye


As he wakes, we have some words

I question him like a child

I see something in him as I see in myself

He is lonely as I

and has been for a while


But as the week moves on

My new friend loses animation

With two more days to land

He dies in the duration


My new friend, my fixation

Gone within the week

How cruel this land I walk upon

A landscape dark and bleak

I wish I had some solace, 

Something left to keep


In my sadness then I see

Next to my friend’s ghost

His collection of letters

Assembled altogether, I grab the inmost


I find the earliest letter

With a date I can hardly read

May, 1795

I flip through, increasing in speed


‘My wretched creation,

I write this with great displeasure 

For you caused me this discomfort

You have ruined me forever


Each day is worse than last

As I rot in this chamber

But while you run free

My life crumbles as I remember


For who is to blame for my state but me

My obsession with your construction

Has put me once again at fault

I am the cause of this mass destruction

I ruin the world I once inhabited

Because I inhabit corruption


July, 1795

Once again I find myself here

Writing to find some solace

For now, happiness feels near


I have made my journey

And am finally home

To marry my everlasting love

A fate worthy of king’s throne


With the arrangements made

Elizabeth and I are newlywed

A thousand fears arise in my mind

I tell my wife to wait in bed

I am blind to you, ever wicked wretch

I go back to find my lover dead


How dare you force this fate upon me

You have left me all alone

Yet given me eternal unease

It is my own creation I disown

For you destroy all that I love

I have to make my anger known


I get back to Geneva

In the opposite state than I left

I race to tell my father the truth

It is these murders that I attest


I admit my fault in every manner

I watch as my father’s face falls

I recount my regret, my error

He stops breathing, my declaration the cause


You have taken yet another from me

You ruin the life which allowed yours

How dare you inflict this fate upon me

To my misery, there is no cure


Did I not deserve this fate?

Who could be to blame

For I feel the way I never would

I feel nothing more than shame


And so I make the choice 

To follow you to some end

I set sail to leave this place

Your destruction my intent’


My eyes glance up from the text

But the words linger in my mind

What past occupied my friend?

Who did he wish to find? 


This man I wished to know

I now see in a brighter light

He was consumed by his obsession

In death, he sought requite


As I let my mind wander

I hear a clamor down below

As I make my to Victor’s room

A being lies in the shadow


I squint to see, I hear a whimper

Could this be the man in the text?

I watch him crouch to the corpse

Is this the wicked wretch?


As he sees me he hides

It is the wretch I have found

I ask him his purpose, his worry

And a story he recounts


‘If I am to tell my tale

I will start with my upbringing

My creator forced this life upon me

My truest burden is living


I was left without a purpose

Abandoned and afraid

I had no knowledge or devices

A wretched being, a mistake made


And so I made my own way

I learned to love, to care

But I was once again abandoned

Being loved, my only prayer


But living didn’t mean loving

The world neglected me as its own

So I neglect the world and its people

And so I made my anger known


But in taking the lives of others 

Mine failed to improve 

My sentiment was worse than before

My power I abused


All this death and despair 

I put to his name

How dare he inflict this fate upon me

Yet I feel all the shame?


My only wish is to be loved

I seek someone of my own

But my creator denies me this

Again, I make my anger known


But I’m sorry for my actions

I couldn’t help my own dysfunction

I ruin the world I once inhabited

Because I inhabit corruption


But who is to blame for my state but me

My obsession with his destruction

Has put me once again at fault

I now face the repercussions


And so I make the choice 

To give myself some end

I set sail to leave that place

My destruction my intent


But I see him now cold and lifeless

Yet the calmest in his life

And I regret inflicting this misery

I regret out constant strife


But did I not deserve this fate?

For who could be to blame

For I feel the way I never would

I feel nothing more but shame


My story comes to an end

And so I must leave you now

Thank you for your listening

We’ll meet again, somewhere, somehow’


And so my newest friend leaves

I cannot help but see

A similarity between the two

A kinship so to me


And again all these words 

They linger on my mind

These stories are deep and intimate

A conclusion I now find


In both the stories I have heard, 

They face the same faults

These men could have been friends

But they are alone and sad at default


And so this story sticks with me

I know now what to do

We set sail to St. Petersburg

My sister I’ll go home to


I have made my journey

And am finally home

coming back to my sister

A fate worthy of king’s throne


After much time traveled

I get back to the land

I rush back to my home

My feet tremble as I stand


I smile at my sister

I’m ever happy to see

But I see our reflection,

And I see but only me


I ask every neighbor, every man

But it is the truth I dread

A thousand fears arise in my mind

I regret to find that my sister is dead