The Bone Hunt

March 9, 2022

Time does not flow normally. What might seem like not enough time in our world, is more than enough in this world . It is day until I decide it is night. Nor does exhaustion, I can keep going until I say or decide to feel otherwise. I live in a smaller town less than an hour outside the city. I would want a bunch of day time to do things, and also a bunch of night time to do things. Starting with day time, I would wake up actually rested, feeling good and ready to do stuff. I would let my 2 dogs outside and leave the doors open to let in fresh cool air and warm sunlight. I would start the day with a good breakfast, consisting of over easy eggs and french toast with fresh homegrown or local fruit. Next is a hike in the mountains in a spanning forest, with one of my dogs, a pitbull. I’d pack a backpack with any supplies I may need. It’s not a long hike, about 2 miles round trip, the long way.  The ideal lake and mountain scene. I’d take a swim in the lake and cool down. The water is cool, not cold and clear. After the swim I hike back, taking a turn to the abandoned home and land near my home. It is a vintage home, relatively well preserved, with its belongings staying there for the most part. I’d explore, get some cool pictures in and hike back to my home. The entire hike is also a bone hunt.

I’d circle back to my dream home. I would tend to the garden and then shower. Then I go out to run some errands with or without friends, I’m indifferent to company. I’d get ready with some of my favorite pieces and head out. 45 Minutes away is the city. 30 Minutes away are the outskirts, abandoned buildings and freight yards. I would drive into the city and park in a garage, central to the things I want to do. Get coffee, go thrifting/shopping and just walk around the city. I would be lucky enough to find some good fun finds, in all departments. I would go get something to drink and maybe eat from a local cafe or something of that sort. I would walk around the city and by the time I round back to my car, it is 4:30 and time to head home, to get ready for a night out.


A night out would be bar hopping, clubbing and hanging out with friends. I would get home around 5-5:10pm. I would take a small rest/nap and feed the animals. I would then pick out an outfit and freshen up. I would do my makeup and hair, by then it would be time to head back to the city to go clubbing and bar hopping with friends. Before leaving, I would set out stuff that potentially hung over me would need/want and I would have hangover precautions ready. I’d park in free public parking and we’d all meet up in front of our first destination. We finish the night around 4am with a walk on the beach and head to a friend’s apartment nearby to crash. Eventually I would make my way back home around 9-10 Am. I would grab a greasy breakfast from the mom and pop diner near home on the way back. I’d get home, eat and take care of the animals before going back to sleep and resting for the day.

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