Start Your Detailing Journey


Everyone can remember their first drive by themselves after they get their license. There is the sense of freedom that you never felt before and it feels wonderful. As you drive more and become more familiar with your car, you begin to venture out and meet new people through the many diverse car communities. 

One way I have found my way into the car community is by auto-detailing. When I was 16 years old, I started my own contactless auto detailing company. As Founder and CEO, I also gave myself the title of “Chief Detailing Officer,” known in the C-Suite circles as CDO. Owning my own company and detailing gives me a sense of pride and self joy as I turn cars from dingy to pristine. 

Auto-detailing can be an incredibly rewarding and lucrative job. You are your own boss, with the ability to schedule your own hours. Follow my instructional videos to get started towards your detailing journey to put yourself in control of your own happiness and prosperity. Be sure to follow the steps and get the proper products needed to detail your car like a true pro!

Click the image below to view the video on the detailing of the exterior. 


After the completion of detailing the exterior of your car, walk around and look for any smudges or dirty areas that may remain. After you feel satisfied with the cleaning of your exterior, it is now time for the cleaning of the interior.

Click the image below to view the video on the detailing of the interior.

After all of that hardwork and determination of detailing your car, you will find the feeling of satisfaction. Walk around and inspect your car seeing how far you have come. Your car is now nice and shiny on the outside and also so fresh and crystal clean on the inside!

Detailing a car can be a lot of fun and also very rewarding. Hopefully, you have benefited from watching the videos about auto-detailing and are now ready to go start your detailing journey!

 Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] for any questions.