Up Until Now

Katie said goodbye to her parents and piled her bags into the car. She drove to Spencer’s house where she was waiting outside.
“This is so exciting!” Spencer said, lifting her bags into Katie’s car. Katie told her about camp on the way to the airport. When they got there, they parked the car, got out, checked their bags, and went to security.
Eventually, they made it to camp and got their cabin assignments.
“We aren’t in the same cabin,” Spencer realized.
“No worries, I bet it was a mistake. Let’s talk to one of the directors,” Katie said calmly. They walked over to a director.
“Excuse me, we requested to be in the same cabin, but we are in different ones. Is there any way you can change that?” Katie asked.
“Unfortunately, we couldn’t put you girls together. We decided to put less experienced counselors with more experienced ones.” The director said. Spencer was upset.
“Don’t worry, we still have all day to hang out,” Katie assured her. The girls went to their separate cabins. They were brown with red roofs. Next, they unpacked and met their campers and other counselors. The other counselor in Katie’s cabin introduced herself.
“I’m Fiona! Nice to meet you!” Fiona had brown hair and freckled skin.
“Nice to meet you too! I’m Katie!” Katie replied. Soon it was time for dinner. Katie ran up to Spencer in the dining hall.
“How is it going?” Katie asked.
“I’ll be OK but I miss you,” Spencer replied.
“I’m sure we’ll do great,” Katie said.

It had been a week since camp started. One morning Spencer told Katie.
“I think I’m finally getting the hang of being a counselor!”
“Really?” Katie asked. “I’m struggling. My kids don’t seem to like me and they don’t listen to me.”
“Maybe you are too hard on them. Try to relax a little,” Spencer suggested.
“I’ll try,” Katie replied.
The next few days Katie tried to relax and have fun, but whenever Fiona wasn’t around, the kids walked all over her. One night, everyone made their way to the fire pit. Soon orange flames rose up and the smell of smoke filled the air. Katie turned her back and her campers got rowdy.
“Katie, get your campers under control!” A director yelled. “Spencer, will you get them under control? Katie, come with me,” he said. He brought Katie to his office in the main hall.
“Katie you need to gain control of your campers. Their behavior is unacceptable.” He said. “Until you can handle the responsibility, you will have Fiona helping you with the campers at all times.”
Katie was mad that the advice Spencer gave her only made things worse. When Katie got back to the bonfire, she talked to Spencer.
“How could you give me that advice? It got me in trouble!” Katie said, annoyed at Spencer.
“It’s not my fault!” Spencer yelled back.
“I did exactly what you told me, and it didn’t work!” Katie yelled. The girls didn’t talk for the rest of the night.