March 3, 2022


I wake up from sleeping at around 9:50am from a really weird dream I’ve had before. A dream in which I’m walking in a large field and I can feel the mid-height grass against my calves; I see tall skinny creatures slowly moving in packs and the sky is dark but not very very dark. I would lay in the field and feel the wind blow through my hair. I would have Taco Cabana breakfast tacos for breakfast and orange juice or mango pineapple juice to drink while leaning over the counter eating them while home alone 

    Then I ascend to some sort of godhead figure mostly just with such power to control all and have complete control over everything, like I mean every little detail. Only I would know about it. I would first malform my flesh vessel to look exactly as I want it to. To look as pleasing to me as possible every little curve in my bones and placement of nerves I would control. I would then proceed to relive life with complete knowledge of everything in this form I granted myself. I would buy sooo much bitcoin, i would know all the topics in school already and feel smart. I could even freeze time whenever and go back a little to redo little events if I don’t like how they are going. I would write songs before they came out. I would set myself up for life and have infinite knowledge. I would relive multiple people’s lives. I would play out all the scenarios I’ve thought of and do basically anything and everything I want. I could make the world dystopian and then go back to the beginning like nothing. I would come up with new words that didn’t exist yet. And movies I’ve always thought about making in my head. I would make the world full of analog horrors and get in fights with the beast of legend. I would malform people just to see what I could do. I would erase everyone from the world for a short time to explore the emptiness and know all of its secrets. I would cross gene species for fun. And go back to normal in the blink of an eye. The day would last an eternity in everyone’s mind. They would create new time increments to grasp the concept of this never ending day. The day night cycle would happen millions of times in this one day. This day would last eons in my control. Keeping everyone trapped in this loop of my control without their knowledge only allowing some people sometimes to realize what is happening just to mess with them. Then finally once the 24 hours of eternity ends everything will go back to normal. The next day will begin as if the one before it, my perfect day never happened. Everyone but me would forget it, or maybe I forget it as well. maybe for the best. 


That is my perfect day.

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