Through Your Lense: My Perfect Day

A Neighbor Account: 

Across the street as I pack up my little girl for school, I see a family rush through the door almost as if they had just ran through it. A man walking to the car, following him is a teen girl in similar resemblance to him with her phone in her hand and her backpack on, same with the other teen girl that comes after her – both going to the car – looks like they’re heading for school as well. A woman is the last out of the house carrying a big bag and enters the passenger side of the car, they get into a beautiful lavender colored car, they back up and drive off ready to start their day.



Man in the car:

I’m on my way to the grocery store because I need to get all the food for the party at home before people start showing up  – I should have known better than to attempt to make something last minute! I’m at this red light and my mind is racing, I need to impress these old childhood friends, I don’t want them to think any less of me. God can this light change!? I look to the car next to me and I see what looks to be a family of four. The man and woman in the front are conversing in what looks to be some good gossip and the girls in the back are singing together to the music playing in the car. What a nice thing, for a family to go out together and enjoy themselves and each others’ company. I wish I had that. A central group of people who I felt that safe and comfortable with, I’d do anything to have at least one sec- the light turns green.

Family of 5:

The boys and I have been waiting all day to come to the San Antonio Riverwalk, I can’t wait for them to see the beauty of San Antonio that being a native takes away from you. After eating near the river stream, we decided to go on the riverboats. In the line awaiting our turn, I notice a particular family, mainly because of the distinct accents the man and woman have. I see that they are with two teen girls, I’m assuming they’re sisters. The man is explaining to them his time in San Antonio years ago and teases that the woman has barely been out of their city, which seems to be outside of San Antonio. The girls are asking questions of his time here and he is pleased to answer. Then jokes are made of falling into the water and what the riverboat is like. The conversation is so sweet and endearing that the girls are so interested to hear stories from their parents, I bet they hear stories often. My boyfriend and our sons board the boat, along with the other family. We all sit and listen to the tour guide and gawk at the scenery. The man jokes with my 4 year old about his Superman suit he has on, asking if he is going to save him if he falls in the water, we share a laugh. We’re all taking pictures in the boat, the teen girls are taking selfies with each other and their parents. The ride was really nice, it reminded me of the joys of sharing stories to your kids and that they will listen if you bridge a conversation.

Couple Exiting Chinese Buffet:

All of that food was delicious, the rice was so good and it’s been such a long time since I’ve been here. My girlfriend really enjoyed it too, she left with an ice cream cone and I left with a whole box of jello because no one ever eats the jello and there is always so much left over, but I love it so I always make it a mission to take as much as I can with me. This used to be a place my grandparents and I would always go to before I moved away. On our way to the car, we intend to go to the hotel and wait until the evening to go to my parents’ house and meet up with my family. A car pulls up next to ours and a family comes out. The two teenage girls walk side by side. They look like the best of friends walking together, arms linked, so joyous. It reminds me of me and my siblings when we were young. As my girlfriend and I are walking out, they are walking in looking really excited to dine. I sure hope they get some jello!

Table of 3 Nearby:

As we are eating, a group of people sit next to us, a man and woman sit across from each other and two young girls sit across from each other. They get up to go get their food from the buffet. My friends and I are enjoying our meal, and they come back to their table. The man’s plate is full to the max, same for the one of the girls, the woman’s plate filled in petite serving sizes and the other girl is a lot more selective with her food – not much on the plate. They’re conversing and laughing together as the man is dogging on his food and his girls are eating with pace and occasionally looking through their phones. My friends and I finish eating and begin chatting with each other before we leave, the family next to us are on their final plates ready to pack up and go. Girls are now glued to their phones and their father laid back on his chair like he was all full. 

San Antonio Hotel Receptionist:

Waiting the minutes until my hour lunch break, a family walks in with their bags. I greet them like I have done so with the hundred other guests that have reached my table. I talk to the man for a couple minutes about his room and had someone lead them there. Looks to me like they are about to knock out for the day considering how low their eyes hung – I sure do know a long day of traveling when I see one!