The Battle of New Beginnings

The Battle of New Beginnings

I need to accept that my life will never be the same. I will see extraordinary things happening around me. I always knew that something was missing but it is worth fighting for. This thing can change my life forever or split my life in half. I now know that many extraordinary events will happen later on in my life and it involves me choosing the normals (Wisterias) or the supernatural people (Terias).
Knowing the truth that I can’t become an artist because of everything that I have discovered is difficult. I’d been born on the wrong side of the border, soon to be queen but feeling so cheated. I have been lied to and deceived all of my life. Everything my parents had told me was a lie. My mother isn’t my mother, she’s my aunt. My father isn’t my father, he’s my uncle. They told me they took me in because my biological mother was accidentally killed by one of the Terias, but I don’t believe that. Therefore, my uncle hates them for killing his sister. The tales that they told me about the Terias are very horrific, and if they find out that I’m one of them, who knows what they will do to me. My life will end in the blink of an eye. But it’s different, right? Because I’m family, family always supports and loves you for who you are. Right?
As the future queen, I’m the most powerful Terias of them all. On top of that I’m dangerous, I’m a Terias, I’m… a Monster.
Each day I’m constantly looking over my shoulder, controlling my emotions so I don’t hurt anybody. Each night I have trouble falling asleep because I’m afraid of what could happen. As I am laying down on my bed, I can’t help but feel like there’s something always breathing just outside my window or within the shadows of every dark corner. I’m afraid of myself and I can’t imagine my constant fear.
As I laid in bed, curled up in my blanket covering my whole body like I used to do when I was scared of being alone, hearing crickets chirping, the wind whistling through the trees, the hoot of an owl sound, the rustling of leaves flowing around, as my fear disappears as I listen to the sweet melody of nature, making it hard to stay awake, my eyelids started to get heavy by then my eyelids had shut.
When midnight had struck, I was awoken up by this peal of a savage bark that had broken out in the middle of the night and a bright yellow-orange light shining through my window. I got up and walked to my window seeing fire burning the oldest tree in town. The sound had triggered a chain reaction across the town, by then it echoed from every direction.
As people walked out of their homes watching the fire burning the oldest tree in the town. Panicking and gasping at what they saw. Soon after that, I saw a group of soldiers telling them to go to the town hall. Soldiers knocked at each house door one by one. As the soldiers came close to my home, my heart started to race so fast that it felt like it was going to jump out, and my throat felt so tight, making it hard to breathe. Staring at the flames surrounding the tree I saw branches falling, still lit by fire. I started to imagine all these possibilities of what was about to happen. For I might be responsible for this current event.
Knock Knock
As I walked out of my room, my family was waiting for me downstairs by the door. I saw the soldiers waiting for us to get out of this house. They had walked us to the very odd town hall. I walked in front of them as I fidget with my gown sleeve. Everyone from town was here including the prisoners. My mind was spinning like crazy, I could feel my heart racing once more suddenly the mayor of the town had arrived.
Mayor said, “My people, I’m sorry to startle you but the situation is under control…” But he was interrupted by the baker, who said, “I bet those animals lifted our amazing tree.”
Then all you could hear coming out of the people’s mouths was, “Yeah I bet they, did we should make them pay”

The Mayor had spoken. “I know, my people, that you are angry of what those Terias had done to our tree. We will take revenge for what they have done and show them no mercy.” The town cheered for the mayor’s speech. They were so quick to blame my people. My fear turned into anger. As the town settled down the mayor told us to go back to bed, and once the sun has risen from the sky we will prepare for our battle. Once the people had heard the order they had returned to their homes and rested. I walked in silence, thinking about my uncle and my aunt participating in the battle. I went inside the house, up to the stairs into my room, and closed my door set on my bed I just think. Before thinking of a strategy my eye it’s that shit for I must rest as well. It was the next day to prepare for battle. My aunt came up to my room and told me that she and uncle were going to the town hall to prepare. She said to rest and be safe. “Will we be back soon?” She nodded her head.

“Come on honey it’s time to go don’t wanna be late,” my Uncle said.

“I’m coming dear. I must go. Bye Ariana.” She was sad to go.

She walked out of my room and once she shut the door I got out of bed. I carefully heard her as she walked down the stairs and waited as I heard the front door close. I got ready to go to the forest to warn my people.
Instead of walking out of the front door which would be kind of stupid. I decided to make my window the front door or I should say backdoor. As I know the town is full of hatred for Terias, I knew that they were taking this preparation very seriously and that they would have people in each corner for Watchkeepers. I need to be careful so I wouldn’t get caught for the safety of my people and me. I had reached the entrance to the forest where no human was.
I had entered…
I remember the first day I came, not knowing why I was sent here. It was nerve-wracking. Knowing what the townspeople would do I couldn’t bear to see this be burned and torn apart. I had reached the village of my people. Everyone was happy to see me again. As I walked I heard, “Our future Queen has arrived”.
I greeted a few people along the way and rushed to the Palace. I rushed into the throne room to see my birth mother standing and well.
She was quite surprised to see me again, having not know when I was going to return.
Queen Luna said, “My dear why you are in such a rush?”
“I’m sorry, mother, but I have terrible news that can not wait.”

I continued, “Do you know that the village people are in great danger? There was an incident last night in the town. Someone among the normal people had schemed and blamed the Terias for burning the town tree. They are preparing for battle.”

The top royal guard looked at Queen Luna and she knew that they would have to come.

Queen Luna said, “My dear, we knew the day would come as we are prepared more than ever, but this battle does not go forward unless you are in it.”
“Mother, I know what I must do, and I know there’s no way back. I had a vision just like you and you’re right: I am the key to making the peace among our people and the normal people.”

I don’t know what will happen two days from now because I must stay here in the palace. Both towns have been preparing for the day of the battle. It won’t be pretty but it must be done, and those who had fallen or going to fall may rest in peace. For the day has come, we dress for the battle and pray for what will come upon us. My mother and I got on the horse, for we will lead the brave people into war. As we get out of the forest we go where we hear the music of horns. I saw my uncle in line with the soldiers and a few of my good friends.
“I am the future queen of Terias. I will be by my people’s side as we go into battle.” I said the words out loud so those among my people will hear.

I understand my duties and understand where I belong. I belong with the people that are like me. I’m sorry for what will come. I’m sorry for my Uncle, Aunt, and my dear friends, but this must happen.

The horn was blown. The sign of what was to come had begun…..