A Ballad: Light of the Deep



A cold and desolate place it was

Out on the barren sea

Those deep green waters seemed empty

(The human eye couldn’t see.)


Black crags rose sharply from the depths

and sent shivers down their spines

They hastened to pass the frightening image,

Pulled frantically at the lines.


Their ships were full of ruffians,

Red faced and bearded were they:

They cursed and yelled obscene, dark things

Of the beautiful women they chased.


Often legends of the mystical sirens

Escaped their chapped, red lips

The enthralling women who sang sweet songs,

‘Til in they steered their ships.


These men forgot their wives and kids

When they thought of beauty so pure

It tantalized them, and like all men,

They had an urge for more.


Was it wrong that these sadistic beings

Were destined to die on the shore?


The legends of yore were glaringly true

And creatures lurked below

Yet no one lived long enough to pursue

And tell of their mystical show.


In the green and freezing waters, there,

The alluring sirens awaited,

Sorcery seemed to surround their figures

From the day they were created.


Their tails were glimmering yet empty gray,

Scales traveled up their waists.

They had somewhat of a ghastly look

Until one saw their face.


Sharp and clear, a defined jawline

Wide eyes, a piercing green,

White lips, straight nose, and high cheekbones

It could never be unseen.


Webbed arms and hands propelled them through

The dark and dreary waters.

Up on the blackened cliffs they climbed

As unified, gray daughters.


Their voices, the hypnotic sound,

Rose high above the sea,

Could spin a sensible head around,

The sheer desire was profound,

With a longing to be free.


“Come to us,” they seemed to sing,

Here is where you want to be

Feel our passion and our ardent love

Unattainable pleasure sent from above

This song is instilled in me.



Our voices are our one true power

Our dominion o’er the weak.

They rid the world of abominable men

Whose crimes are hard to speak.


They pillage and burn, the weak they spurn,

They rape and murder and break.

After destruction, they simply smile,

Their conscience never put on trial

Their hateful lives we take.


The moon was high, so was the tide,

Sea gleaming in moonlight.

In icy waters we waited there,

A ship sailed through the night.


A Brigantine, full of swarthy men,

Far off voices could be heard.

Our kind began to ascend the rocks

Silently, unheard,

When an astonishing, yet lovely change

Suddenly occurred.


The pain I felt when I saw its face

Was more than I’d ever known

Its eyes told of unbearable pains

Through its mouth escaped a groan


A small creature of their lowly kind

Yet its stance emanated strength.

With rounded bosom and rounded bottom

And hair quite long in length.


Its amber eyes met mine in the dark

But I was sure it could not see.

I knew if it could, then surely it would

Feel strong alarm towards me.


Could this be the legendary woman?

The one I could never be?




Use your voice, and give them all

What you know that they deserve.

You know of all their crimes, sister,

Don’t waste your time to observe.


Inner voice

Her face is full, and good, and kind.

From her, true beauty shines.

Do we really know everything of their kind?

Is this some sort of sign?


How could one so beautifully innocent

Perform the atrocities we’ve heard?

Maybe this woman is different than

Those men whose words are slurred?

She is strong, but does not gloat of strength

Or her beauty, which is profound.

It cannot truly be right for her

To be so violently drowned.



Don’t let its looks deceive you, for

Evil lurks beneath.

See what they have done to this world?

They destroy the air they breathe.


Millions stay hungry and

Despite their fruitless attempts

Their world remains a darkened place

Full of hatred and contempt.


Their hearts are black and filled with greed,

When shown their crimes, they beg and plead.

But when no one looks, they up and leave.

The somber look in their sad eyes speaks,

They feel remorse for their acts

Yet not a tear falls down their cheeks.



My sisters grouped in the onyx night

My heart began to thud

I couldn’t bear to think of it

Dark waters filled with blood.


Our song commenced, and I cried in horror

I knew it couldn’t be right

The sheer and sickly melody,

The men looked up and straight at me,

And the woman screamed in fright.


The ship came nearer and I wept her loss

Before the deed was done

I had lost all hope, I hurled across

The sharp rocks, and darkness had won.


The ship, it crashed, and the waves complied

The sound broke the perfect song.

Down went the men, into the depths,

I chose not to be afraid of death

And soon my pain was gone,


The clouds parted for the Heavens above

I saw the angels on high

She radiated peace and love,

We rose into the sky.