Memory Lane


The last thing that he remembered is losing his conscience in a hospital and still aching from whatever happened. Doctors said he had experienced a major trauma to the head. A man old in his age and rust in his steps, Reginald Craw had felt his own deteriorating husk failing to meet life’s expectations, rotting away by the day. He still went on with his day, though his quality of life creeped away. The thing that kept him sane and happy through his day to day life, was his photo album. An object that allowed him to reminisce on those earlier periods of time in his life. It had become his reality as he was only able to perceive the world through his past experiences, where without them he was lost, forgotten. The photo album reminded him of what he once was and let him reflect on who he has become, fitting for a man who lived at the end of memory lane. 

On his trips, he would see all those old and new people who had claimed residence as he walked by. His life was quite simple one with nothing going on in his days besides reading, sleeping, and the walk every once in a while. His life seemed different after that day in the hospital but he couldn’t remember what had happened to him. Even some of those old memories he had grown so accustomed to, seemed like pieces of the true vision. His memory, fractured, blurry, his reality was breaking into pieces.

Reginald felt like he was losing the grip on his drive to live, as the only thing that kept him happy was leaving him. He experienced sharp pains throughout the day which left him less and less like himself each time. He was losing his own essence through a loss of memory caused by these sharp pains. Reginald finally calmed down and decided to go on a trip down memory lane as he still had his photo album to remember his happiness. So once he took that trip down memory lane, he felt a spring in his step as he witnessed this major turning point in his life, if it weren’t for a measly pebble at the beginning of memory lane.

The next thing he remembered was waking up in his bed alone. This time, it was not only his memories that seemed to be fractured but reality itself, as his between  life was flashing before his eyes as the lines between reality and time blurred through his trip down memory lane. All he could see was the times of happiness as a young adult that brought him joy through his travels through memory lane. 

His memories had stopped past the age of eleven, for that was the last time that he was truly happy and carefree. That was the year that his mother had died, and the last time that he was properly taken care of. His life only went downhill from there. A little rock lay in the pages between his eleventh and twelfth years of his life. It felt immovable, he desired to keep moving through the years, but this pebble stopped him. In a spontaneous reaction he started to try and tug the other pages over the rock, but in an attempt to do so, he ended up tearing out pages. The rock, a catalyst who he has become and who he will be remembered as. More and more, the pages of his memories ripped to shreds  as the ink faded away up their removal. His life became void of thought, just a blank page upon which new memories are unable to form. That was the end of his memory lane as everything for him was in the present, no future and no past. He seemed encapsulated in the thought that something in recent memory must’ve caused this feverish thinking and blurriness to his days, but he couldn’t remember anything. He thought, his impending demise, the last he would see of memory lane.

The void had begun to engulf everything and as he walked through this void,one little rock offset his balance and sent him into the abyss of light. While surrounded by this white, one last uninhibited thought of his photo album. His memories now only existed with him which he got to see one last time. As they escaped his grasp, he was, like his memories, forgotten. That was his last trip down memory lane.